Mairi Williamson

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I am an artist that draws on a large and small scale, using think paper and canvas. My medium is ink, fine tip pens and large ink pens. I had a stroke 4 years ago at the age of 38 and discovered a inoperable brain tumor, however it has been stabilised ever since and I’m not going anywhere ! I found my way with art drawings when i recovered and every thing is free hand, I am self taught. I call my art work the ‘Stream of Consciousness’.

I also specialise in needle sculpted art dolls. I make themĀ using old sheets, pillows for stuffing and old clothes and old boots and jackets for leather. IĀ find everything in charity shops. I needle sculpt there faces and hands and I paint them with acrylics. I make their accessories out of air drying clay, card board, and wire and anything else that suits! They are 17in sat down.. I am self taught and every doll is a one of a kind.

I have had many commissions in drawings and art dolls. Commissions are always welcome! I am looking to exhibit my drawings soon.

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